Book Review: Soho Dead by Greg Keen

Title: Soho Dead

Author: Greg Keen

Series: The Soho, #1

Genre: Crime/Mystery


My Thoughts:

So this was my pick from last June’s Kindle First options…

And I thought it was all right.

The book had an intriguing murder mystery that wasn’t easy to unravel and kept me guessing right up until the climax. The protagonist, Kenny, was a reasonably competent investigator, and all the moves he made throughout the book made sense and were generally intelligent decisions.

But I had a few issues that kept me from rating the book higher.

First and foremost, having Kenny as the protagonist makes for a fairly depressing story. He’s a lonely man heading into retirement age with no meaningful relationships or retirement funds saved up, and his personal issues drag down what is already a sad story—one where literally nothing gets any happier at the end.

Secondly, I didn’t like how, in the end, Kenny ended up being pretty ineffectual in the grand scheme of things. I don’t like it when the main character ends up on the sidelines, when things merely happen to them instead of them actively engaging in the conflict.

Third, there were a few specific events that got glossed over during the wrap-up at the end instead of being addressed as they should have been, and on top of that, the ending actually felt pretty rushed to me. Once second, something really significant is happening to Kenny, and if feels like another story arc is about to start, and the the next second, we’re at the climax and that last twist is basically thrown in the trash.

So, overall, I thought this book was okay, but I probably won’t be reading any other books in this series, simply because there are several mystery/crime series I would much prefer to read over this.

RATING: 3/5 stars

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