Book Review: Graveyard Shift by Michael S. Haspil

Title: Graveyard Shift

Author: Michael S. Haspil

Genre: Urban Fantasy

My Thoughts:

Graveyard Shift was a mishmash of tried-and-true urban fantasy tropes with a few unique twists thrown in.

The plot of the story, although slow to pick up, was action-packed and increasingly fast-paced toward the end—which I liked. However, I thought the conclusion was a bit too open-ended, even for a series starter, and everything wrapped up a bit prematurely for my taste.

The main characters, Alex and Marcus, were interesting and fun to follow, but I felt that too much of Alex’s backstory was withheld, considering how many times it was referenced. I assume the author held it back to explore in a sequel, but I think we could have be given a few more key details without it completely unraveling a subsequent plotline.

One of my biggest issues with the story was undoubtedly the writing style combined with the structure. Frankly, I think there were too many POV characters in the book. (The story jumps around to a lot of different people, most noticeably in the first half.)

When you take into account that the overall writing style was heavy with exposition, and then add a higher-than-average number of POVs, you inevitably wind up with a story that feels much slower than it should. If the POV usage and style had been more streamlined, the pacing would have felt much less bogged down.

Overall, this was a fine read, but I do think it could have better.


[ NOTE: I received an ARC of this title from the publisher via NetGalley. ]

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