Poetry: Arrogance

what is it that you think you know

about the turning of the earth?

what elegies are paved below

the solemn tidings of a curse?

what ordinary ramblings

of a shallow, careless soul

made you think the world was yours to take

from youthful shame to old?


what pittance did you seem to think

was fit for long-lost maddened kings?

what golden rods are used as spikes

to impale silenced precious things?

what simple songs were murmured

on the night you cast the crown

from the frigid heights to burning depths

when Triumph let you down?


what disappointment rots your mind

as you stare at the dawning deeps?

what deathly chills are creeping in

as grim-born angels come to reap?

what hymns will be sung for you

now that you are branded sin

because you declared us worthless pawns

where there were only men?

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