Poetry: Do You Believe in Miracles?


do you believe in miracles

originating in the space between

yesterday’s unseen and tomorrow’s noticed

origami cranes soaring a thousand miles

underneath the salt sea tiles

billowing in the western wind’s sensual

evening summer songs of serene

love whispered under thundercloud cover

in the brightest days of social scrutiny

ever witnessed by tainted innocent eyes

vanquished by threat of mental mutiny

even though you clung to “why” as your life’s

ingrained mantra to live on-the-road by

now here or there hearing the call of a lover

mixed in with the billion whispers of denial

intertwined with contract forgeries signed

recklessly to obtain a transient lotus

arriving and vanishing into Arabian nights

combined into one bedroom breath

lost in beneath-sheet laughter that seems

ever coming full circle from rebirth to re-death

so as to make you believe in miracles

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