New Releases in Urban Fantasy 11/13/18

Title: The Dream Drinker

Author: JT Lawrence and MJ Kraus

Blurb: It sounds like the first line of a joke, but what Jax sees when she gets to Abarim Manor is as serious as a heart attack.

The butler’s employer, old wizard Blimaex Abarim, is being slowly tortured to death by contagious black magic, and she needs to stop the person responsible.

Jax’s sleuthing will lead her into jeopardy at every turn as she has to navigate the shifting terrain of the Realm, including dealing with treacherous orcs, magical apothecary coffin-dodgers, dark arts night markets, and the ever present evil in human hearts.

Add to the mix a rosé-swilling ghost in a gimp suit who refuses to leave the wizard detective alone, and Jax has more on her plate than a buffet dinner at The Copper Cog, Ferra’s steampunk pub for magical creatures.

To find and stop The Dream Drinker Jax will traverse the darkest, most dangerous parts of the Realm…

and just when she thinks it couldn’t possibly get any worse, the bloodthirsty vampires show up, and they want revenge.

Title: Curse Raider 

Author: Jennifer Rose McMahon

Blurb: Locked away for being a modern-day witch, Isobel Ross must escape her prison for wayward girls and continue her quest to rescue her friend lost in the abyss of time. By honing her gift of second sight, Isobel learns to look to the past to discover the source of the ancient Druid curse that has plagued her and her fellow seers for centuries.

When a hidden tomb is discovered, Isobel uncovers secrets meant only for chosen seers. Ancient rituals reveal themselves in the subterranean catacombs enlightening Isobel to the ways of the Druids, including the means to ending the curse that threatens her mere existence.

But hidden enemies with ancient agendas infiltrate the efforts, wanting to garner the power of time for themselves. The ancient order threatens to derail the ceremony of the summer solstice; the one time of year, fast approaching, when all answers, hidden within legends, will be revealed.

Can Isobel learn the mystical ways of the Druids and seek the truth before the cosmic power of the solstice passes?

Title: Cursed Darkness

Author: C.S. Wilde

Blurb: Liam Striker has been through a lot in his life, but nothing quite like this. As he adapts to his new reality, he joins a mission to find out who’s behind the attacks on the In-Betweens.

Meanwhile, Ava tries to kill the evil that rots the Order from inside. But it’s not as easy as she’d hoped, especially when she must work so closely to Ezra, the angel she used to love for an entire century.

Title: Bad Intention

Author: David Bussel & M.V. Stott

Blurb: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a diabolical demon, a wicked witch, or a vicious vampire, if Erin Banks has you in her sights, you’d better start running.

At least, that’s the way things worked before some lunatic abducted her cousin.

When Lana is stolen away in the middle of the night, it’s Erin’s turn to start running. To rescue the only family she has, the one lingering thread that connects her to the everyday world. Without Lana, all Erin has left are monsters and murder, and she’s not about to let that happen.

To rescue her cousin, Erin must embark on a grim scavenger hunt, scooping up clues all over town. Miss one checkpoint and Lana’s kidnapper guarantees his victim an extremely violent end.

Can Erin win the mystery abductor’s wicked game? Because if she can’t, it won’t just be her cousin she loses. She’ll lose herself.

Title: Spring’s Calling

Author: Sarah Biglow

Blurb: Boston Police Detective Ezri Trenton wants nothing more than to do her job…and solve her mother’s murder. Faces from a past she had forsaken and an imminent dark power that only she can stop, however, push Ezri to rethink her self-imposed isolation.

From childhood, she was told she—and only she—was the prophetic Savior of the magical community. Now, just days before the Vernal Equinox, a time of balance between light and dark magic, the Order of Samael works ceaselessly in an effort to conjure ancient Druidic demons. Life as we know it is threatened and the time for the Savior has come.

Adding to her problems, Detective Ezri chases a phantom serial killer whose identity baffles the force. Can she stop him without revealing her magical secret, and what will solving this case reveal about her mother’s murderer?

As the clock ticks ever closer to the Equinox, Ezri Trenton must risk everything to become who she is and has always been. The Savior.

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