Poetry: Dark Corners

In the corner of a closet of a little room

I stowed away my secret whispers:

what is coming soon?

I hid my eyes beneath a shroud

Of ignorance and dust

Marching on the highway hells

Hiding without trust


In a locker in the heart that beats within my chest

I sewed my conscience to my sin:

drown out all the rest.

I stuffed my ears with cotton stained

In blood from shadowed wars

Triggered by my old desires

Now scarred from older sores


In a black cloud in a sky that teems with burning air

I stoned my hardened stubbornness:

REPEAT: I do not care!

I turned away from fallen Earths

Made ashes by the dare

I muttered carefree in the past

A burden I can’t bear


In a blue sun in the pocket of a careless God

I strangled life from sands of time:

forget I ever loved…

I tossed into the blackest void

All once marked hold me dear

And in the end, I burned white hot

Underneath weight of fear

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