New Releases in Urban Fantasy 1/4/19

Title: Power Game

Author: Brad Magnarella

Blurb: Protect Sefu. On paper it looks simple.

Only I have no idea who Sefu is, much less how to find him or her. And my magic’s not talking.

But with demons on the hunt, and fiendish whispers of Sefu being some sort of ultimate weapon, failure could spell apocalypse.

One of those demons happens to be an enemy I cast into the Pits, a former vampire lord whose twisted mind drips vengeance. Worse, he knows about my relationship with Detective Vega and her son. Meaning I have much more than Sefu to protect.

In the Order’s absence, I’m forced to scrape together what help I can. Let’s just say that with the hunt for Sefu tracking through a major sci-fi and fantasy convention, my new teammates and I will blend right in.

That is until a shadowy conjurer threatens Epic Con and its thousands of costumed attendees.

A conjurer whose name might be Sefu…

Title: Retribution

Author: Krista Street

Blurb: Lena and her fellow Lost Children were once lab rats in a secret experiment that left them with supernatural abilities. Now, they’re family. At 23, Lena’s living a normal life—or as close to normal as possible. As a college sophomore living in Colorado, she keeps her sinister origins a secret—even from her best friend.

Then Lena spots a suspicious man with a black pulsing aura, and she can’t turn a blind eye. Knowing her adopted father—and especially her overprotective boyfriend—would not approve, she sets out to discover if this man is the serial attacker who’s been preying on campus women.

But her decision to confront the man takes a shocking turn when she discovers he wears a face from the past. And the fallout not only risks her life, but exposes her entire family to the danger they’ve tried so hard to put behind them.

Title: Empty Heart

Author: Al K. Line

Blurb: A vacation’s nice, but wizards need excitement, otherwise what’s the point of having a wand and a nice hat?

I got my wish. The moment I returned from honeymoon normal life resumed. Normal for me. Meaning, magic was in the air, someone was messing with citizens’ emotions, and there was a missing girl to be found. A very special girl.

Looked like The Hat was back in business.

Title: Fallen Witch

Author: Amanda Booloodian

Blurb: Shunned and ostracized Mira is alone in her own community.

Creeped out by her new bodyguards, Mira jumps at the first chance to get out of Emmit’s apartment and back on the case. Getting closer to Gabriel is an added benefit, even if he can’t decide what he wants. While Gabriel and Emmit butt heads, Mira struggles to keep her bad karma in check. Getting someone killed is bound to leave permanent black marks on her soul.

Gabriel is torn by wanting to keep Mira close to him and needing to keep her safe. When the enemy makes a bold move to take Mira, even Harker isn’t able to protect her. Seeing the threats against Mira, Gabriel is faced with the risk of becoming a fallen angel. He doesn’t care if his wings turn black as night if it means he can save her.

Mira finds herself making a decision that effects all their lives. Voluntarily going into the Ether isn’t the smartest move Mira can make, but is it the right one?

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