Poetry: When We Think

when we think of black sheep

we see buckets full of ash

ironed into thorn crowns

trading slavery for cash

strung up by a fish hook

tossed in boiling seas;

black sheep are destroyers

in communal memory


when we think of killers

we see melted iron bars

overgrown with red weeds

clogging throats in tar

feathered down with blue birds

and buried under hell;

killers are the silenced

of whom no one can tell


when we think of demons

we see wings alight with fire

blinding truth from lying eyes

scorching lives to sire

skins of scars that read the words

written by the lost;

demons are the crucified

who spoke truth at all costs


when we think of old gods

we see omniscience high

nature’s power, mortals’ dream

prayer in the sky

clouded with pollution from

the corpses of the damned;

old gods are the shadows

of the dark natures of man

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