Poetry: Shiver

ice like diamonds in the rough
glitters in the dead of night
illuminated by the blame
that runs through your withered veins
bleeding blue where red should reign
feeling rage where peace lays claim

your body’s sinking into shadow
that takes the form of water black
the shattered surface out of reach
the bubbles framing words you preached
now drowning in the sullen sorrows
of the pact whose terms you breached

up above, no one can hear you
the water still to those nearby
the ghosts of the forsaken fear you
gods tremble when they all come near you
no purgatory can endear you
to any afterlife but one

so summer has long faded gray
abstained from all but solitude
determined only to deliver
through the chill of deepest rivers
a punishment that makes souls quiver
and your remorseless body shiver

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