Poetry: Your Smile

see the smile in your reflection
that reflects your recollections
of your long-collected dreams,
you dreamed ideas that always seemed
to whisper love in seeming silence
as silent partners dancing quiet,
quieted by forced politeness
spoke with their eyes of righteousness

for righteous mores stir deep in youth,
the youthful heart like brightest jewels
that glitter in the dark-jeweled night
a nighttime marred by crimson frights,
the frightful fears both short and long
for long terms dwell in thoughtful songs
whose mindfulness cannot be sated
by sating problems long awaited,

but among the waiting you were chosen
to choose your path and not stand frozen
even as friends froze and shattered
shattering all the things that mattered,
all the matter breaking down
and tumbling downward on the ground
its surface grounding all that’s right
from rightful hands that lost the fight,

but you, bold fighter, did not fall
you heeded old fate’s falling call
and called yourself by different names
names that hold power but no fame,
and with this fame-less incarnation
you incarnated colorations
colorful dawns of dreams and wonder
wondrous hues that split asunder:

the sundered lies of man’s false trials
who trialled untruths and cold denials,
and as those faux masks fell away
paths to blue skies and gateway days
were revealed by day and kissed by dusk
your dusky cheeks grown red with lust,
lust for life and lust for joy,
and joyful lust for life’s employ

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