Poetry: A Walk in Summer

gravel crunches under shoes, a sound like flint striking hot steel
the rubber soles grow warm and weary under heavy marching heels,
but the path ahead is far straightforward, less a chore and more a joy
for the sky above is blue and clear, the clouds all shaped like children’s toys

heat wafts off the distant ground, the rolling hills a green mirage
and within the rippling air live creatures hidden by the camouflage
of rustling leaves and blooming flowers, colors cast by earthly prisms
rainbows that spark smiles and laughs, a sort of natural altruism

and when the beating sun beads sweat that runs in rivulets down skin
turn around and head on back to where this walk always begins
for tomorrow, when the daylight comes, the painted landscape will remain
all souls can witness summer’s gifts and passing happiness obtain

[Written for the dVerse Poets’ Quatrain Challenge]

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Frank Hubeny

Very nice sound. I like the relatively long lines and the meter you used.

Glenn Buttkus

Nice three stanzas, with consistent rhyme schemes. Your long lines have a ton of meter. In effect, you’ve created a fifth quatrain rhyme scheme. 8 line stanzas packed into 4; more for the gusto.
Your message is lovely.

Linda Lee Lyberg

I love the clouds being compared to children’s toys.

Jade Li

you capture such joy and appreciation in your poem. and as you leave it, it remains for others to enjoy. wonderful

Bryan Ens

Now I want to go hiking! Beautiful!

Astrid's Words
Astrid's Words

I love the enjoyment and peace that resonates from your words.

Frank J. Tassone

An evocative delight!


I love the picture and the flow of this. Sounds like a perfect walk on a perfectly reliable landscape!


peaceful–I think the long lines add to the feeling of unhurriedness, so rare these days

Arnab Majumdar

Really enjoyed the meter and cadence of this poem. Beautiful!