New Releases in Urban Fantasy 7/22/19

Title: Moonstruck

Author: Dannika Dark

Blurb: Transporting goods is part of the job, but when Keystone accepts the daunting task of moving precious cargo, the team splits up. Raven has orders to follow, but Christian’s seductive ways draw out her violent soul. Their journey is dangerous, their enemies ruthless, and one misstep could prove fatal.

When one team member mysteriously vanishes, the rest must choose between cutting their losses in the face of chaos or seeing it through to the bitter end. Will Keystone have the fortitude to complete the mission, or will they fall like dominoes?

United they stand, divided they fall.

Title: The Ferocious Force

Author: Sarah Noffke

Blurb: Mortals have never been more at risk.

Adler Sinclair wants them gone, once and for all.

However, there’s a long list of things Liv Beaufont won’t allow to happen.

First, mortals can’t die. Secondly, the brainwashing has to stop. And thirdly, the person who killed her family is going to pay. Badly.

The stakes have never been higher.

Everyone who Liv cares about is involved in this conspiracy in one way or another. She fears they will all die if she doesn’t save them.

And there’s one complication that Liv didn’t account for. It’s one of the heart. 

Title: Firestarter

Author: Jan Stryvant

Blurb: Up until now, Sean has only been fighting battles. He’s been fighting them against the demons coming through temporary gates, demonically backed agencies, magic users, or even just plain crazies. But now, now the war, the real war, is about to start as the date for the main gateway, which will be open for two years, draws near. A gateway through which millions of demons will be coming to conquer the world.

And yet there is just so much still to do. Help and reinforcements are flooding in, but people need to be sorted out, infected were necessary, and trained. Supplies need to be organized, and bureaucrats must be dealt with. Plans must be made and often updated as more and more is learned about their enemies and their allies. 

It’s a tall order for a young man who is barely past his twenty-second birthday, lion or not.

Title: Knightmare

Author: Shayne Silvers

Blurb: Mordred—the bastard son of King Arthur—has returned, and he will stop at nothing to utterly destroy everything his father ever created—burning the Arthurian Legend from the history books for good.

He’s already defeated Nate Temple once, corrupting the fabled Knights of the Round Table into darker, nigh-invincible, merciless, killing machines—Knightmares.

And once Camelot is nothing more than a pile of fiery rubble, Mordred plans to conquer St. Louis—after slaughtering Nate and everyone he’s ever cared about, of course.

But a vengeful god is also hunting Nate, and starts attacking his friends to draw him out. When one of Nate’s best friends is gravely wounded, Nate is forced to make an impossible choice—save his city from Mordred or save his friend from a blood-crazed god.

Both foes carry enough daddy issues to grant a first-year psychologist a second-year retirement. But Nate’s not that stable either, and if he can’t get a grip on his own demons, his victory might very well be worse than anything either of his enemies ever could have imagined.

The only option left is to shatter all the rules, opening himself up to deadly powers better left untouched and forgotten—and even that is a fool’s gambit, a whisper of a hope.

Then again, if we don’t have hope, we’ve already lost.

So, it’s time for Nate Temple to roll the dice.

Because in this game, even Hope can die…

Title: Covert Ops

Author: TR Cameron

Blurb: Special Agent Diana Sheen is in an unending battle…

… against magical villains on Earth, more of them from another planet, and her own government.

The enemy’s use of a dire artifact requires a response. BAM will have to go after their own artifacts to even the score. 

But there are plenty of people standing in her way.

A council of alien magic users who want the artifacts for themselves.

The underground leader who was pivotal in breaking the back of the city’s covert Ultramax.

A local gang who has the ARES team in their sights.

And don’t forget about the escapees from prison who are looking for revenge.

But there are those on the side of good, as well. Rath gets a new trainer and Diana’s teacher gets another student.

Finally, Kayleigh’s new partner is certain to be trouble, and the newest field agent fields a magic they haven’t seen before.

It’s barely controlled chaos as the team digs in behind the scenes to ferret out the secrets they need to finally turn the tables on their enemies.

Magic or mundane, you hurt people in their city, and BAM is gonna bring you down.

It’s all in a day’s work at the newest bureau of the Federal Agents of Magic.

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