New Release: Baptisms of Fire & Ice by Nadia Sheridan

Check out Baptisms of Fire & Ice, the first book in the action-packed Shattered Providence urban fantasy trilogy!

Title: Baptisms of Fire & Ice

Author: Nadia Sheridan

Blurb: Yesterday, there were zero demigods. Today, there are thousands.

Adara Caine is a fan of the simple things in life. Working toward her PhD. Getting a job in academia. And going on hiking trips to honor the memory of her recently deceased father. 

But when an ill-fated jaunt to the campus library during a surprise hail of meteorites leaves her with a strange and powerful ability, Adara’s simple wishes are ripped out of her grasp.

As society reels from the damage caused by the mysterious “Global Impact Event,” monstrous creatures not of this world begin to wreak havoc on the streets, and a man who calls himself an angel brings Adara grim tidings: 

Heaven has been dealt a deathblow by the forces of Hell, and it’s up to people like Adara, now imbued with fragments of God’s power, to stop the demons before they overrun the Earth.

Thrust into a war millennia in the making that she barely understands, Adara will have to band together with friends and strangers alike to defend her city from immortal monsters bent on mayhem and murder.

And if these novice demigods fall to the demons, the entire human race falls with them.

Baptisms of Fire & Ice is the first book in the Shattered Providence trilogy, an action-packed urban fantasy adventure series.


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