Poetry: The Festive Season

hand in hand and side by side
we walk along the leaf-strewn path
a rhythmic crunching matching stride
with the footfalls of the fading past

our free hands hold the unlit candles
that at dusk, will cast in orange light
the relics of this annum’s scandals
that winter’s cleansing will make right

we’ll place these candles in the lanterns
carved with scenes of joy and fear
each an expression of the churn
that adulthood carries through the year

when morning breaks post hallows’ eve
the candles wax, the lanterns dun
we’ll exhale vestiges of our grief
inhale the hopes of things to come

for the festive season is upon us
young tidings of a slate made clean
an oath that time will take the onus
and trade our struggles for our dreams

[Posted to dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night]

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Linda Lee Lyberg

Excellent poem- thank you for sharing!

Linda Lee Lyberg

Wonderful Poem- thanks for sharing and joining in!

Kim M. Russell

I like that you have set your poem outside, Clara, and enjoyed the rhythm, which gave the impression of walking too, especially in the line ‘a rhythmic crunching matching stride’.

Bjorn Rudberg
Bjorn Rudberg

I love how you made this night of tension a night of transition…
I can feel the relief when passing into the festive season.

Rob Kistner

Excellent poem Clara!

Toni Spencer

This is like walking outside!

Glenn Buttkus

You got us through the night, thanks. There is a wonderful sense of time and place, creating tension with fear.

Jade Li

This line jumps out at me: “young tidings of a slate made clean”. I like the result of the walking and lighting candles.

sanaa rizvi

Wonderfully festive! Perfect for the season ❤️

Frank Hubeny

Nice line: “inhale the hopes of things to come”

Christine Bialczak

Great poetry


inhaling the hope of things to come…that’s a beautiful image.