New Release: Storm Master by Clara Coulson

The eighth book in my action-packed City of Crows urban fantasy series is here at last!

Title: Storm Master

Series: City of Crows, #8

Author: Clara Coulson

Blurb: Peace never lasts long in Calvin Kinsey’s world. And Havoc’s next target is Paris.

It’s been two months since the skirmish with the Children of Enoch in Moscow led to a number of startling revelations. Since then, Cal Kinsey has been honing his magic skills and practically bouncing off the walls for news about the missing Cooper Lee.

When the house elders of the Vampire Federation decide to hold a conference in France, Cal jumps at the opportunity to get his feet on the ground in the sprawling city of Paris. But soon after he arrives, the conflict with the Children heats up once more, and Cal finds himself struggling to protect the city’s civilians from the mounting threats:

A dangerous elemental creature seeks to settle a grudge against the Children, and they’ll destroy anything that gets in their way. The Black Knights are conspiring to further the Children’s plans, and they don’t care who they have to kill in the process. And the Children themselves are working on a dastardly scheme that, if successful, could spell disaster for the entire world.

Driven by his intense desire to find Cooper Lee, Cal prepares to fight his most difficult battle yet. And while he now has many powerful allies on his side, nothing may be strong enough to stop the tide of destruction that the Children of Enoch seek to unleash.



New to the City of Crows series?

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Join Cal Kinsey on first action-packed mystery adventure…

There’s a dangerous monster loose on the streets of Aurora, Michigan, and Detective Cal Kinsey is determined to stop it…or die trying.


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